Local artists release new CD to promote Seychelles

Sesel Sa – Eternal Songs of Seychelles is the title of a new album by Seychellois artists to help promote their country.

It was officially released at Le Méridien Barbarons Hotel on Saturday evening in the presence of Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, who also holds the portfolio for community development, youth and sports.

Mr Savy looks on as Mr Lionet (right) hands over a copy of the new CD to Minister Meriton

Also present were secretary of state Barry Faure, Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) chief executive Alain St Ange and his staff, as well as the artists.

Other sectors of the tourism industry were represented, along with the sponsors.
The new CD is mostly a collection of popular old songs, five of them composed by the late Mickey Mancham.
These are Everybody Loves the Seychelles, Sunset Over Silhouette, Going Back to the Seychelles, Oh Rolling Sea and Toulezour dan lari bazar.

Derek Savy, Jacques Confait, Radley Weber and Raymond Clarisse have reinterpreted these songs with a more modern rhythm and have slightly modified some of the lyrics.

The CD also features a recent composition about La Digue island entitled Later Mardilo by Gilles Lionet, aka El Manager, who is also the musical director of the initiative. And Patrick Victor has contributed Retourn Praslin and Aldabra.
The album, which features 12 songs in Creole, English and French, is an initiative of Mr Savy and the STB to promote cultural tourism in Seychelles.

Mr Savy, who is also the producer, said Sesel Sa is a musical project based on an idea to showcase some of the songs that have praised the amazing beauty and diversity of Seychelles.

He said the project started in March this year and has been turned into reality by support from the STB, the artists and sponsors.

A souvenir photograph of some of the artists of took part in the project with STB board members and other guests

They are now looking into the possibility of releasing another volume of the CD soon, as well as an instrumental version and a video, he added.
“Seychellois abroad have expressed their support for this album, and many are also asking for a karaoke version,” said Mr Savy.

Mr Meriton congratulated the artists for this initiative, adding that they are the best of the children of Seychelles.
“They used what Seychelles has to bring forth our uniqueness through their creativity,” he said.

Talking about the raison d’etre of the album, Mr St Ange said: “The new vision of the islands’ tourism industry – the Seychelles Brand – depends on more than our sun, sea and sand assets.

“We need to give a better place to our people and to our culture, and tonight we are seeing the cooperation between the public and private sector move to another dimension with our artists joining together to provide a new tool with which to market Seychelles."

During the launch, copies of the CD were presented to Mr Meriton and the sponsors. The audience then heard a live performance of some of the songs that appear on the album.

Sesel Sa costs R150 and is on sale at outlets on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Source: NATION 11-24-10