Letter to the Editor,

Who are the “Liberation Heroes”?

I wish to refer to the glorification ceremony of the so called   “Liberation Heroes” to mark the 35th anniversary of the coup d’état  of the 5th of June 1977. I am not questioning its legitimacy, like the Idius Martias (Ides of March) it should never be forgotten. The Ides of March remind us of the fall of Julius Caesar and his supposed last word Et tu Brutus. But we still do not know the last word of Mr James Mancham, the first unelected President of the Seychelles, who was overthrown during the coup. 

 However, I found it a bit out of tune with reality, because since the coup d’état  the list of the “Liberation Heroes” seemed  to be a state secret.  Since then authorities has not publicly provided a list of those who took part in the coup.

The majority of those in the photos are very young indeed. The article does not mention the presence of anyone who took part in the take-over.

Meanwhile, one can legitimately ask who these heroes that they are talking about are??.

Julien Durup