The Editor

I wish to refer to H. E. Monsieur Philippe Delacroix’s (the highest French representative in the Seychelles) reply to my previous letters in your issue of 25th March 2012.

I believed that Mr Delacroix has been misinformed because there was a meeting at the Culture Division. During the meeting two Frenchmen said that the Culture will have to pay for them to have a copy of the maps.    So I stand by to what I have said. Whether it pleases Mr Delacroix or not as a “fils du sol”  I have a legitimate right to asked how much Culture Division contributed. It was said in the state media that a few people from the Culture Division had work on that project for a long time. Am I to assume that Mr Delacroix did not dispute that simply because it came from the state media.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish H.E. Monsieur Delacroix  well and to draw his attention to the saying  of Léopold Sédar Sengnor: “Oui Seigneur, pardonne à la France qui dit bien la voie  droite et chemine par le sentiers obliques”

Yours sincerely

Julien Durup