My time at Air Seychelles


As an expat that worked for Air Seychelles and now back in the UK after my contract was terminated, I felt very proud to work for the airline and believe in it as were the many and loyal Seychellois staff. The article raised some good points, although mentioning David Savy , I think was bit harsh, as he was the only one on the board at the time I joined had any idea and knowledge of what running an airline and aviation was all about. Yes I know the old media question ‘where is the money, David!’, whether he did  or did not take the money was never proven and besides I guess that people higher up than him also took  and bigger I suspect. Actually the media never did follow the story up and so we will never know, but David will always get a bad press.

That aside, the airline did need a good shake up as I have been in aviation for over thirty years and could see things that was so wrong and yet the staff were and are very loyal.

The product was good , the service on the International side good ,Domestic could have been a lot better the Engineering side very good with what they had to play with!. But the pricing was just so terrible I often questioned it and was once given by  a senior sales/pricing admin staff, as I was comparing the price with Emirates on the LHR route, that I must by working for Emirates since you are praising them. I replied No, but if you kept these high prices then we will have no passengers that pay us our wages , there will be no airlines so you will have no job and I will be sent back. Well! Well! That’s what happen!!!

This conversation was about May last year?

I hope that the airline will survive with a new management team and will be profitable  and maybe , just maybe I can get my old job back and fulfil my dreams in retiring and investing in an Island I actually want to call my home.

Even now I am still proud of Air Seychelles , but more importantly proud to say I lived and worked in one of the best places in THE WORLD.

Like Arnie says “ I will be back!” and I will.

Thank you for your time in reading this.



Wayne Norris