Saying thank you to a pillar of LDS 


As Linyon Demokratik Seselwa LDS prepares to take over the National Assembly, a lot of people have been working really hard behind the scene to make the historic results of the last National Assembly election become a reality. One of those pivotal persons who have worked tirelessly is the LDS leader, Roger Mancienne. As supporters of the party celebrated this historic victory, they did indeed take time out of their celebrations to show their gratitude to the pillar of LDS, Mr. Macienne. Today LSH brings you excerpts of the some of the thank you supporters have been sending via the social media to Mr. Roger Mancienne.



Patrick Laboudalon: Now that the President has announced that the First Session of the National Assembly will be on the 27th of September next week. We would like to take a moment to sincerely say a BIG Thank You to Roger Mancienne who is the chairman and leader of LDS. You have played a vital role in keeping the unity amongst the 4 parties that form the LDS. 

Nelson Esparon: To just like the post does not do justice to the work Roger Mancienne has done to get us this is truly commendable and we owe him our respect and gratitude.Roger Mancienne WE salute you.

 Angele M Matombe Matombe: Bravo to Mr mancienne, so many years of dedication.Seychellois people is proud of you Mr Mancienne. 

Jay Raguin: Brilliant leadership. 

Paulette Pillay: An incorruptible man. Respect. 

Estelle Rassool: Yes Roger! Cheers to a quiet discreet man, who stuck by his principles. 

Egbert Monthy: You’ve been in there for a long time, with partners with varied agendas from PS to UO to SNP and now LDS and with last week’s crowning of all the efforts since 1992 (and before!) 

Barry Gendron: Roger last time I said “Congratulations” to you. You replied “ Nothing has been achieved yet “ Now perhaps it is more appropriate. Congratulations Roger, for behind every movement or leader there is a great man with dignity and principle. 

Charles Zialor: Congratulation brother Roger Mancienne the good Lord is proud of u brother for a job well done. 

Tony Wong: “Le Cerveau”. The great mind behind the scene. 

Larue Pips: An amazing man, whom I look up to and hold in great esteem. 

Garry Barbier: I will always keep on saying, Mr Mancienne, you can count on. A man of peace. We at Sey. College has respect for him. 

Raoul Germain: Roger, Thanks a million. You have been a solid pillar in this long process for which Victory is being celebrated now. Your focus and determination has enabled History in our country to be written. 

Vicky Lanza: Well done Roger....your rock behind you must be so proud....grand merci for your wisdom and calmness.... 

Leslie Cetoupe: A wise man always cool and calm. 

Ron Young:Mon salye ou, ranpli ek lentelizans and know how to handle whatever is throw at you. 

Christina Delpech: Thank you Mr. Mancienne you have really changed our lives in uniting all of the leaders together and in return all of us activists together. Without you it would have taken us a much longer time to do so. 


Source: LSH 9-22-16