‘Respect President Michel’s decision to resign’ – Speaker





National Assembly Speaker Patrick Pillay has appealed to members and the people of Seychelles to respect President James Michel’s decision to resign and to grant him the privacy and respect he deserves, noting that such a decision must not have been easy for him to take.

Speaker Pillay launched the appeal at the second sitting of the 6th National Assembly yesterday morning.

“As goes the saying: ‘You may not like the singer but you have to respect and like the song’. We also need to respect the presidency as an institution and I am calling on all people, especially those who are on the social media, to have respect for and keep respecting others. This is good to ensure we are role models for the young people in order to continue to lead our country on the right path,” Mr Pillay said.

Mr Pillay said, as a single parent himself who raised his two-year-old daughter alone with the help of family members, he is again calling on the Seychellois people to have a special thought and prayer for Mr Michel’s young daughter Laeticia.

Mr Pillay also availed of the opportunity before the start of yesterday’s sitting to, on behalf of the Assembly and his personal behalf, thank President Michel for all the work he has done during the 12 years he has been president.

“I am sure there will be other occasions when I would be able to thank him personally,” Speaker Pillay said.

Speaker Pillay also thanked and commended Assembly members following what he described as very positive feedback from the public after the first sitting last week.

“The public has very high expectations of us and I hope that we continue to work in the same manner so we do not disappoint the people who have elected us and entrusted us the task to bring the Assembly to greater heights,” Speaker Pillay said.


Source: NATION 10-5-16