National Assembly approves members for its Standing Committees



The 6th National Assembly in its 2nd sitting on Tuesday approved members for its seven different committees through individual motions tabled by members.

The committees comprise four LDS and three Parti Lepep members. The committees are important to help the Assembly better carry out its roles and functions.

Charles de Commarmond, the leader of government business, tabled the motion to set up and approve members for the Standing Order Committee whose role is to decide and consider all the rules governing the procedure of the Assembly.

Members of this committee are Bernard Georges, Clifford Andre, Waven Woodcock, Regina Esparon, Basil Hoareau, Waven William and Sebastien Pillay.

The motion to set up the Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC) was tabled by the leader of the opposition Wavel Ramkalawan. Among its roles this committee scrutinises and examines reports on government accounts, report on the effectiveness and efficiency of public financial management bodies to ensure transparency and accountability. 

The members are Wavel Ramkalawan, Terence Mondon, Jean-François Ferrari, Ahmed Afif, Churchill Gill, Sebastien Pillay and Charles de Commarmond.

Chantal Ghislain, proportionally elected Parti Lepep member, tabled the motion to set up the Committee of Women Parliamentarians (CWP). Its role is to provide an opportunity for women members and other interested parties to meet to share experiences, seek solutions and discuss topics of particular significance or relevance to women in the parliament as well as matters pertaining to equal opportunities for women and men.

The members are Flory Larue, Jany de Letourdie, Regina Esparon, Chantal Ghislain, Sylvianne Lemiel, Noeline Soffola and Audrey Vidot. In this case there was some debate from both parties as the LDS has only three  women and Parti Lepep four which does not reflect the force of the LDS in the House but nevertheless agreed to the state of affair.

Jean-François Ferrari, elected member for Mont Fleuri, tabled the motion to set up the International Affairs Committee (IAC) whose role is to work closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other governmental and non-governmental organisations on matters and issues of international relations  and then report to the Assembly.

The members are Jean François Ferrari, Clifford Andre, Flory Larue, John Hoareau, Waven William, Jude Valmont and Noeline Soffola.

The motion to set up the Media Committee was tabled by LDS proportionally elected member Flory Larue. The purpose of the Media Committee is to ensure fair, proper, dignified and unbiased coverage of proceedings of the National Assembly. The members are Flory Larue, Gervais Henrie, Wavel Woodcock, Jany de Letourdie, Chantal Ghislain and Simon Gill.

Proportionally elected Parti Lepep member Simon Gill tabled the motion to set up the Committee on Government Assurances (COGA).

Its main function is to ensure that promises made to the people given by ministers in the Assembly are respected and realised and to report on the extent to which such assurances have been implemented and where implemented whether such implementation has taken place within the minimum time specified. The members are Clive Roucou, Gervais Henrie, Norbert Loizeau, Sandy Arrisol, Simon Gill, Wilbert Herminie and Sylvianne Lemiel.

Waven William, elected member for Grand Anse Mahé, tabled the motion to set up the Committee on Reforms and Modernisation (CRM). Among its role is to consider and review legislations pertaining to the further development of the National Assembly and make proposals to the House.

The members are Bernard Georges, François Adelaide, Steven Pillay, Sandy Arrisol, Sebastien Pillay, Waven William and Charles de Commarmond.


Source: NATION 10-6-16