Danny Faure sworn in as the new President of the Republic of Seychelles




‘We must undergo a process of true reconciliation’

Danny Faure, Seychelles’ former vice-president, has been sworn in as the country's new president and has promised a new era for Seychelles, adding that for Seychelles to really achieve national unity in every sense, we must undergo a process of true reconciliation.

Mr Faure was speaking after he had taken the oath of allegiance and oath of office as the fourth President of the Republic of Seychelles during the inauguration ceremony late yesterday afternoon in the grounds of State House.

Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey presided over the ceremony before a big crowd which included outgoing President James Michel, former President James Mancham, former Vice-President Joseph Belmont and other distinguished guests.

President Faure told the Seychellois people in his inaugural speech that “we stand to achieve much more as a nation and as a people if we overcome that which divides us”.

“Let the differences in our political opinions be a source of strength that dynamises our democracy, and not one that chokes it. We must see the diversity within our unity as a new force that strengthens this national unity that we truly want for our Seychelles,” said President Faure, who noted that Seychelles is starting a new chapter because a new generation is taking the helm from the generation that fought for our Independence, built the Seychellois nation, and created a modern society.

He stressed that “Seychelles is greater than us. Seychelles is our true homeland.  We all have a place within it”.

The new president noted that while each one of us can interpret the election results in different ways, but what is absolutely clear is that through the will of the people, Seychellois have asked us to engage in dialogue and to work together. 

“So today, more than ever, we must work together for the benefit of our people and Seychelles. I am ready to work with our National Assembly.  I have informed Honourable Patrick Pillay, Speaker of the National Assembly, that in accordance with Article 92 (1) of our Constitution, on Tuesday October 18, 2016, I shall address the National Assembly … and speak about the work of our government,” said Mr Faure who started his political career in the National Assembly 23 years ago.

Describing himself as a child of SPUP (Seychelles People’s United Party), “the party of the poor, the party of workers, the party that struggled to bring Independence”, President Faure stressed that the development of Seychelles must remain focused on its people, the only way to eliminate poverty.

He added that we have not yet achieved all of the vision that SPUP had for Seychelles, noting that the principles that will bring greater vigour to the implementation of our development are: fairness, equal opportunities, social justice and a fair redistribution of wealth. 

“I shall do everything to ensure that our policies reflect these principles. I believe in the principle of doing good for our brothers and sisters.  When each one of us also does good, collectively our society becomes a happier one. On this journey, we must all remove ill-will, remove malice, remove injustice, and remove insults that lower us in the eyes of our Creator. I believe in a Seychelles where none of our citizens is left behind, in a society which is compassionate. In a nation where true human dignity is respected. That no one is above the law, and the law applies equally for all,” said the new president who added that he also firmly believes in a system of universal social protection which is the basis for the maintenance of social cohesion and harmony, and which is also a condition for lasting peace.

He continued by saying that he believes in a Seychelles where there is room for different ideas to co-exist, and as a nation, we are ready to create more space where diverging views and ideas can be heard and respected… and providing our citizens access to information.

President Faure also used the opportunity to thank his predecessor, President James Michel, saying that during the course of their journey filled with many challenges for our small country, he has learned from him to always keep his sights focused on the issues greater than ourselves: that is, the welfare of the people of our country.

“Today, after you have completed 39 years in the Cabinet of Ministers, including 12 years as President, I salute you for your personal sacrifice, your hard work and your dedication in the service of the people of Seychelles.  I join the entire Seychellois nation in wishing you all the very best in your retirement, and to accord you the respect that you deserve,” he said, adding that under Mr Michel’s presidency, Seychelles has witnessed an unprecedented economic transformation. 

Outgoing President Michel said as head of state he did things “his way” and he applauded as his chief protocol officer Gervais Moumou interpreted the song ‘My Way’ for him and the guests


“After all these years spent as a minister and vice-president and the 12 years spent as President, I felt the time had come for me to hand over the presidency to a younger leader who would pursue the work we started more the 52 years ago.

“I am sure Mr Danny Faure will do a good job as President. Danny please take good care of this country, stay humble, stay connected with the people. I can assure you all my support and wish you all the best as President of Seychelles and I call on all Seychellois to do the same,” said Mr Michel who noted that he has spent more than 2,500 weeks in politics when many believe that one week in politics is very long.

Other people who spoke during the ceremony are young professionals Christopher Lespoir and Audrey Adam, Ambassador Marie-Louise Potter and President Faure’s eldest daughter Lorraine Faure.

Entertainment was provided by Patrick Victor and the Angels’ choir.


Source: NATION 10-17-16