“Small Island with a big heart” 

The visit of Ban Ki-moon marks the first of a serving United Nations Secretary General to Seychelles


Ban Ki-moon at State House reception on Saturday.


The United Nations (UN) Secretary General paid a visit to State House on Saturday evening for a night of formalities and bilateral discussions with local government. 

The courtesy visit began with a welcoming party on the red carpet and the tradition of the signing of the Visitor’s Book. Ban Ki-moon then proceeded to the Governor’s Hall with President James Michel for private discussions, followed by bilateral discussions with all the ministers.

During their press statements, both President Michel and Ban Ki-moon expressed their gratitude on the relationship between the United Nations and Seychelles and shared bits of information on the bilateral discussions they had with all the ministers.

“I am very much touched by your hospitality,” Ban Ki-moon told the audience. “I was even more impressed by Seychelles’ sense of responsibility in our world. Problems we face such as climate change, poverty, and insecurity will only be solved through a global continental response. I thank the government and people of the Seychelles for their leadership on these issues and particularly for your participation on the Paris agreement for climate change. You are one of 16 countries who have committed to this stage.” 

The UN Secretary General further highlighted that the United Nations will continue to support Seychelles in the areas of concern such as piracy in Seychelles’ waters, the conservation of the natural biodiversity, and the continuation of the Blue Economy.

“Seychelles is a small island with a big heart”, he said. “I sincerely hope that you can exercise your political leadership role to encourage other countries to do as you do.”

President Michel for his part shared his “appreciation for the valued support to the position of Small Island Developing States, like Seychelles, and for the pivotal role played by the UN in transforming their development perspectives.” 

The night ended with a cocktail reception and entertainment in honor of Ban Ki-moon, his wife, and all invited guests which included former President James Mancham, members of the National Assembly, members of the judiciary, religious figures, and ministers. 


Tête-à-tête between Ban Ki-moon and President Michel.


Ban Ki-moon arrived in Seychelles on Saturday afternoon. He was met by the head of state and senior government officials. Immediately upon arrival, the UN Secretary General was whisked to Praslin to visit the Vallee de Mai. 


Source: Today.sc 5-9-16