Murder at Beau Vallon 

Police have reported the death of Jimmy Denis, a resident of Beau Vallon who was found unresponsive by paramedics late Wednesday night at the Beau Vallon beach. The circumstances of his death are unclear, but police are treating the case as murder in this ongoing investigation. 



According to the police report, the victim Jimmy Denis, aged 35, was found on the Beau Vallon beach in the vicinity of Boat House restaurant. 

Police say a woman who claims to be the victim’s cousin made a call to local authorities at 10.55pm Wednesday night to report that Mr. Denis, who was with her that night, left her for a short while before coming back with blood on his face. He was also having trouble breathing. Later, paramedics who found him unresponsive on the scene, brought him to the Seychelles hospital where he was pronounced dead at 11.50pm, the police report reads. 

The police report also states that the result of his death is a direct consequence of a dispute with another man. It further states that eye witnesses who were on the scene did not intervene or take the situation seriously.

Police are treating this case as a murder case as this investigation is still ongoing, and are asking all members of the public to report anything they might know or find relevant to the Central Investigation Unit (CID) in order to assist them in the investigation.

One of the victim’s cousins, Michael Pouponneau, contacted TODAY the morning after the incident to explain that Mr Denis was not taken to the hospital by paramedics immediately after he was found, stating that it was actually one of his cousins who drove Mr. Denis to the hospital.

He also stated that there are allegedly two witnesses, both tourists, who are being questioned by police to shed some light on the case. He further suspects that a man, who had an issue with Mr Denis and had confronted him in the past, is the prime suspect. He is said to have been at Bazar Labrin the night the incident took place.

He also noted that Mr. Denis was a very friendly person. According to him, Mr Denis had got married just over a month ago here in Seychelles.

This is the second death reported this week. George Anacoura’s lifeless body was found by the roadside at Maldive in the early hours of Tuesday . 


Source: LSH 5-20-16  



The family speaks


 “When I arrived, they there was blood on his face, but nobody was doing anything to save him”, Patrick recounted to TODAY. 

In his account of that night, there were allegedly no paramedics attending to his brother, Jimmy Denis, or to take him to the hospital for further assistance. Additionally, there was no oxygen device in the ambulance. 

According to the police report, paramedics found him unresponsive on the Beau Vallon beach in the late hours of 11pm. However according to Patrick, his brother could have been saved had they rushed him to the hospital.

“I asked the driver of the ambulance why he was not taking him to the hospital, and he told me he was waiting on the police order”, he explained. “But the police was not doing much.”

He also added that he tried to give his brother CPR, in vain. 

He further stated that one police officer, although he cannot recall which one, told him to “drive the ambulance car himself ” when he insisted they drive his brother to the hospital. 

In a state of fury and despair, he placed his brother on a stretcher to hoist him up into the ambulance with the help of his cousins and pleaded with the paramedics to drive the ambulance. According to him the driver refused to move, and he banged on the back of the ambulance screen which separates the driver from the patient. The glass then broke under the pressure of the hit.

Patrick was later arrested for damage to hospital property.

He resorted to taking his brother to the hospital in his own car with the help of his cousins. Blood stains still remain on the back seat and parts of the car door today.

Patrick says he cannot bring himself to clean it out yet. He explained that the police wanted to confiscate his car as evidence, but he refused. 

“At the hospital it took another five minutes to get someone to help us carry him in”, he recalled. “Every minute counts, but we lost so much time trying to get him to the emergency unit.”

The latest police report states that there is evidence that the victim’s death is a direct consequence of an argument with another man – although it has not yet been established who the suspect might be. The investigation is still ongoing.

It was also noted that Jimmy Denis, who is a resident of Montreal, Canada, was in Seychelles on holiday and was supposed to fly out in two weeks. 

TODAY contacted the police for the latest information on the investigation, but they were unavailable for comment as this issue went to press. 


Source: 5-21-16