New album promotes female artists



Is the music industry in Seychelles still male-dominated? Over recent years though we have seen a new generation of female artists creating a name for themselves. Some of these female artists have been brought together to showcase their singing prowess on a new album entitled ‘Fanm Seselwa’ (Seychellois women).

Released some two months ago, ‘Fanm Seselwa’ comprises 12 tracks and features such artists as Jany Deletourdie, Antoinette Dodin, Sandra, Telsy, Lana, Tania, Tris, Gorgeous, Maria, Shanty, Mia and Danniah.

This initiative is the brainchild of Tris (whose real name is Triska Vidot) and the album has been produced by Extra Big.

The 12-track album includes a variety of sega, dance hall, reggae and R&B songs.

Tris stated that such album will hopefully create a buzz in the music industry and empower female artists so that they can also compete with their male peers.

“Many women in the music industry business cannot write their own lyrics, but they have an amazing voice which can take your breath away. Such album will benefit all of them, especially the young and up and coming ones, in that it will propel them into the limelight and help them get the recognition they deserve,” she said.

Most of the songs on the album have been written by Extra Big, with the help of Eddy Telemaque.

Extra Big added that if the album becomes popular, they will produce another one next year, featuring other talented female artists.

“If all goes well and the album makes a buzz in Seychelles, we will certainly stage a concert soon,” he said.

The album is presently on sale at R125 at Kot Do. You can also buy it with Extra Big for only R100.

People on Praslin can buy the album at Ayun’s, and on La Digue from Vinod.


Source: NATION 6-9-16