Seychellois moves to new Abu Dhabi hotel as assistant HR director



Persia Benoit, a Seychellois manager at the Four Seasons Seychelles Resort, will be transferring the new Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi in the capacity of assistant director of human resources.

This is the latest in a string of successes that our local tourism industry has known to date.

Seychelles tourism is today the talking point in the four corners of the world. The successes of the island's tourism industry is recognised as a success story and the promotion strategy in place by the Ministry of Tourism and its tourism board is raised by the media at every press conference when the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St Ange or Sherin Naiken, the chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, attend tourism trade fairs.

It is also known and admired that the islands, small as they are, today run a new purpose built tourism academy where graduates are able to complete their hotel management diploma in a unique partnership with the well established Shannon College of Ireland. Today this gives the Seychellois graduates the freedom to work anywhere in the world once they have graduated from the Seychelles Tourism Academy.

But the successes of the island tourism do not end there. A couple of years ago the Ministry of Tourism said that it was the island's culture that was today positioned at the centre of the Seychelles marketing. This for the island's minister was a clear vision of placing the people of Seychelles at the very centre of tourism development of the islands where they often hear about foreign managers arriving into the country to take up key positions. Seychelles has an acute shortage of people to work in their tourism industry and they continue to recruit from overseas, but the successful development of the islands tourism industry is also bringing about another great success story which is the transfer of Ms Benoit from the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles at Petite Anse, Baie Lazare to the new Four Seasons Resort in Abu Dhabi to work as assistant director of human resources.

“This is indeed great news for Seychelles. We are proud of Persia Benoit and we wish her continued success.  She is today a role model for our younger tourism graduates because her name will echo the message that when you work hard you reap the benefits of your devotion and hard work,” said Minister St Ange.



Source: NATION 1-26-16