Increase in tourist arrivals in January



Seychelles recorded a total of 18,760 visitors during the month of January, representing an increase of 8% in visitor arrivals compared to January 2015.

The figure also includes visitors who were in transit.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the figure – 18,760 – was 22% above the average for the same month of the last five years.

In January 2015, a total of 17,415 visitors came to Seychelles – 1,345 less than last month. During the month of January of the year 2010, 12,771 visitors came here, followed by 13,800 in 2011, 13,673 in 2012, 15,774 in 2013, and 16,521 in 2014.

All non-transit visitors arrived by air transport only in January 2016 and compared to January 2015, non-transit visitors increased by 7% above the 2015 level and transit visitors increased by 57%.

The average length of stay of the visitors in January 2016 was 10.6 nights compared to 10.8 nights in January 2015.

Statistics show that 92% of visitors who arrived in January 2016 were on holiday, while 3% were on business or combining business with a holiday.

The highest percentage of visitors – 61% – was from Europe, 13% from Africa, 22% from Asia and 4% from America.

Overall, the number of visitors from Europe increased by 3% in 2016 compared to 2015. Increases were recorded in visitor arrivals from Austria and Spain & Portugal both with (7%), Belgium & Luxembourg (31%), France and UK & Eire both with (5%), Italy and Russia both with (1%), the Netherlands (50%), Switzerland (23%). Visitors from Germany and Scandinavia decreased by (-1%) and (-23%).

During 2016, the number of visitors from Africa decreased by 13% compared to the same period in 2015. Decreases were also recorded in visitors from Oceania (23%) and America (1%).

On the other hand, visitors from Asia increased by 56%.

France remained the leading market with 2,479 visitors followed by Germany (2,051), Russia (1,702), United Arab Emirates (1,306), Italy (1,157) and China (971) in the top-six.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of the 18,760 visitors – 12,194 – stayed on Mahé, while 18% stayed on Praslin and 5% on La Digue. During that same period, 87% of visitors stayed in hotels while 5% stayed with friends.

Visitors made up 72% of the total number of passengers in January 2016, residents 26% and seamen 2%. Ninety-six percent (96%) of total arrivals were on scheduled flights.

The year 2015 was a successful one for the tourism industry of Seychelles as a record number of visitors – 278,853 – came to our shores, representing a 19% increase in arrivals compared to 2014 when 234,928 visitors came here.



Source: NATION 2-10-16