Volleyball: The SVF treasurer resigns. 

Meeting should take place this weekend 

The Volleyball federation saga continued this week after the treasurer of the executive committee announced his resignation. Frederick Bernard Denis sent a letter to the acting Chairman of the federation, Bernard Denis telling him of his intention to step down from the executive committee. Mr. Denis said that he intends to present his audit report at the AGM this coming Saturday. He also stated that there is a need to work as group of professionals for the love of the sport but that things have changed during the past month. 

Mr. Denis is the third member of the SVF executive committee to resign over the past few weeks. He follows the Chairman, Hughes Houareau and Secretary General, Jeanine Faure recently. And surely this leaves the sport in a state of uncertainty and what should have been a simple annual general meeting will surely turn into much more as probably elections to replace the departing members would have to take place.

The executive committee two weeks ago banned the former chairman Hughes Houareau indefinitely for what they claimed was his failure to present his Chairman’s report before the meeting two weeks ago which had to be postponed to this weekend. Hopefully this saga will end soon so that the new volleyball season can spike off on time. 

The AGM will take place on Saturday at 10.30am at the National Sports Training Center Stade Popiler. The SVF has also reminded all teams that the deadline for registration of players is on Friday the 4th of March.


 Source: Today.sc 3-3-16