Volleyball: The plot thickens 

The Secretary General resigns. 


Jeanine Faure ( 3rd from right) with the ladies national team last year has tendered her resignation as SVF Secretary General.


The crisis that has plagued the Seychelles volleyball federation in recent weeks and the topic of discussions in sports circles appears to be getting out of hand just a week before the second attempt to hold an annual general meeting (AGM). 

Last week the Seychelles Volleyball Federation (SVF) Executive Committee banned former Chairman, Hughes Houareau indefinitely for failing to produce the Chairman’s annual report, and Mr. Houareau in turned threatened legal actions.

And in another twist on Friday, Mr. Houareau showed TODAY sports a letter he had just received on that day in which stated that members of the federation in the first AGM two weeks ago had not accepted his resignation as chairman and asked him to present his report to the SVF executive committee by Friday 26th February. The letter dated the 15th of this month has left the former chairman confused. “I had been given until yesterday to hand over the report and yet the committee sent me a letter that banned me indefinitely before the deadline was over. And at the same time the decision has been taken by a vote majority not to accept my resignation, meaning they still considered me as the chairman. In fact what baffles me is that the letter was only registered on the 23rd February as the postal stamp states when it was in fact supposedly written on the 15th of the same month and I only received it yesterday on the 26th. On the other hand the letter to ban me was written on the 22nd February and I got it straightaway. Was it very hard to find me before, that they had to send a registered letter and to ban me, they found me straight away? I am confused by the whole saga,” said Mr Houareau, who has now indicated that he may present his report in person during the meeting on the 5th of March.

In another twist the Secretary General of the SVF Mrs. Jeanine Faure has also tendered her resignation from the executive committee. In a letter to the acting Chairman, Mrs. Faure said that the recent internal problems within the federation did not make conducive for her to continue to discharge her responsibilities as Secretary as per the mandate that was given to her. Mrs. Faure, who was in her first mandate as the Secretary General of the SVF, has tendered her resignation letter with 21 days notice to the acting Chairman Bernard Denis and copied to the National Sports Council.

TODAY sports has also learnt that a third SVF executive committee member will be tendering his resignation anytime as well. 

For his part, the acting Chairman of the SVF Bernard Denis said that the executive Committee maintains its decision that Mr. Houareau’s indefinite ban is still on and stressed that the decision was taken by the executive committee and not by him as the acting Chairman as many are suggesting. He says the executive committee is of the view that since Mr. Houareau is no longer a member of the federation, he will not be allowed to attend the AGM on the 5th of March. Regarding the letter that Mr. Houareau only received yesterday telling him that his resignation was not accepted, the acting Chairman said that this is simply because the letter got delayed in the post and that nothing had changed. 

This surely leaves the sport, which has been one of the most successful team sports for Seychelles internationally, in limbo before the 2016 season could even start. 


Source: Today.sc 2-27-16