Seychelles should do more to become a green destination 



While the natural beauty of Seychelles cannot be questioned, the attitude of its people towards the environment can. Tourists choose to come to Seychelles because of its natural beauty but more and more of them are complaining about how Seychellois are not paying enough attention to the environment. 

During the last Safety and Security quarterly report compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), tourists were appalled at the amount of littering everywhere. Those who participated in the survey noted that more can and should be done if Seychelles is to become a ‘green destination.’ 

For the tourists who more than anything frequent the sandy white beaches of the islands noted that while the beaches are clean, its surroundings are not. They were very specific about the discarded polysterene take away boxes and plastic bags they saw dumped into the environment. 

The tourists have even recommended that ‘polysterene take away boxes should be banned for better preservation of the environment.’ 

For many Seychellois the beach is the place to go for social gatherings where food and drinks are in abundance, but how many, take away all of their rubbish when they leave? 

“Emphasis should be placed on not littering, especially near and on beaches areas.” 

Another pertinent issue for the tourists who participated in the survey was that of recycling. They pointed out that there is no information on recycling, which means people are not separating their rubbish. 

“Rubbish should be separated and differentiated to ensure that the islands remain ‘green’.” 


Source: LSH 2-12-16