Adieu to a great defender of folklore music 


This week the local music scene lost of one the great defenders of its folklore and traditional music. 

Musician Patrick Prosper passed away this week.

Prosper is known as a musician who continued to promote Seychelles folklore and traditional music at a time when modern tunes were taking over. 

He not only wrote some of the most memorable folklore songs, such as ‘Kok ti a pe sante’ and ‘Stella’ but he was also a fervent player of musical instruments. In this day and age when musicians are a rare breed, Patrick Prosper could play quite a few instruments, such as the violin, ‘makalapo’ and guitar. 

His contribution to music in Seychelles was recognized in 2014 when he won the Seymas Award at the Airtel Music Awards. 


Source: LSH 2-12-16