Tennis: Under-14 European Tour



Laporte ends tour with promising performances’ young tennis prodigy Damien Laporte ended his International Tennis Federation under-14 European Tour last weekend by losing in the third round stage of the Young Champions Cup held in Hasselt, Belgium.

Laporte had been in Europe since the beginning of July and he competed in several tournaments as well as followed intensive training in preparation for the various competitions.

Before competing in Belgium, Laporte lost in the third round of the 39th International German U14 tennis championship in Duren, Germany.

There he lost 0-2 (4-6, 0-6) to fifth seed Santiago De La Fuente of Argentina. Xiaofei Wang of China was the winner of the tournament.

In his last tournament of the tour in Belgium from August 1-6, Laporte defeated Alex Pavel of Romania on a 2-0 (6-1, 6-2) score before beating Moldova’s Ilya Snitari 2-1 (1-6, 6-4, 6-4) to advance to third round.

In the third round, he faced 13th seed Romain Faucon of Belgium and he lost 0-2 (2-6, 4-6). Faucon progressed to the semifinal where he lost. Another Belgian, Noah Martens, was the winner of the tournament.

Laporte competed in five tournaments altogether and this exposure will surely enable him to further progress and keep alive his dreams of being Seychelles’ first ever professional tennis player.


Source: NATION 8-11-16