Wavel Ramkalawan eligible to vote



Wavel Ramkalawan can take part in elections after the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday that his name should not be stricken off the voters’ register.

The Supreme Court quashed the decision of the Constitutional Court asking Mr Ramkalawan to send a report to the Electoral Commission, move which could have resulted in the SNP (Seychelles National Party) leader’s name being stricken off the voters’ register, preventing him from taking part in elections for the next five years.

Mr Ramkalawan had appealed against the Constitutional Court’s decision to send a report to the Electoral Commission.

It was during its ruling of May 31 this year that the Constitutional Court took the decision. In their judgment against Mr Ramkalawan’s petition contesting the results of last December’s presidential election which he lost to Parti Lepep leader James Michel, the three judges – Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey and Justices McKee and Akiiki Kiiza – had then ruled that the five-time presidential candidate was guilty of illegal practices. This was after the Anglican priest had during the election campaign sent leaflets written in Tamil to members of the local Indian community, asking them to vote for him and promising them government posts after his election.

On July 28, the Constitutional Court dismissed a petition filed by Mr Ramkalawan against the ruling.

Through his lawyer Anthony Derjacques, Mr Ramkalawan contested the decision of the Constitutional Court in the Court of Appeal by filing a notice of motion for his name to be kept on the voters’ list.


Source: NATION 8-13-16



Ramkalawan wins court case


Ramkalwan addressing supporters at rally.


Hi all.

Before I lay down to sleep tonight I want to thank the Almighty for his protection against all strategies to destroy me. I thank everyone for their support, encouragement and prayers. I thank my lawyers Bernard & Annette for their patience and wisdom. Our God is a mighty God who will allow us to see great things in our country. 
Please note that it was the judgement of the court that cleared me from being removed. The nonsense about me getting a presidential pardon is indeed pure nonsense.
I will stand at English River and together LDS, through hard work will win a majority in the forthcoming election.
Tonight I recommit myself to the cause of fighting for truth, justice and freedom in our country.
May everyone be blessed with health and prosperity.

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