United Opposition: Third time lucky


After three proposals and two rejections from the Electoral Commission, the united opposition has finally been registered as ‘Linyon Demokratik Seselwa’.



The united opposition’s attempt to register as ‘Linyon Sanzman’ last month was dealt a major blow after it was revealed that another political party had swooped in and registered the name. The party came up with another name last week, ‘Linyon 2015’, which was again rejected as according to Party Leader, Roger Mancienne, the Electoral Commission stated it was too close to ‘Linyon Sanzman’, a political party registered by Martin Aglae and which was approved on Tuesday.

In a press release yesterday, Mr Mancienne stated that ‘Linyon Demokratik Seselwa’ is to be the name of the registered political party representing the opposition groups which united at the second round of the Presidential Election in December 2015.

He said the party was registered under that name by the Electoral Commission.

Other than Roger Mancienne, who is the Chairman and Party Leader, the other members are Clifford Andre as secretary-General) and Roy Fonseka is the Treasurer.

“By registering the party under a new name, we wish to tell our supporters that we want to move on and do the work of a serious political organisation, which is to fight for a better system of government for our country and the well-being of the people of Seychelles”, wrote Mr Mancienne.

He however added that they will continue to condemn “the deceitful and malicious appropriation of a name” that the opposition used repeatedly and consistently since the Presidential Election and which has become publicly acknowledged as their name.

“If another political party does not even have the imagination to think up a name for itself but has to appropriate our name, then it is indeed poor in mind and does not deserve respect” further added Mr Mancienne explaining that ‘Linyon’ was an appropriate label for their party because it is composed of a number of groups which have come together in unity. “It is this unity that is important because we need to ensure a strong voice for the majority of the people of Seychelles”, he concluded.

Initially the united opposition grouping had declared its intention to fight for the name ‘Linyon Sanzman’ stating that they will pursue every option to object and prevent the misuse of the name ‘Linyon Sanzman’ by anyone other than the opposition parties and groups which adopted it at the second round of the presidential election.

In an earlier statement Mr Mancienne said the new political party will act as an umbrella organisation for the existing parties and groups within the united opposition. He explained that “the existing parties and groups will continue to function under their respective leaders, but are reinforcing their cooperation under the new party to present a common political platform to contest the legislative election”.


Source: Today.sc 4-9-16