Praslin to get modern SCR45 million jetty 

Prospective contractors briefed on the development of new jetty off Baie Ste Anne, adjacent to Eve Island, where boats are now unloading their cargo. 


It is not known what will happen to the present passenger jetty at Baie Ste Anne


People who travel between Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are to benefit from a bigger and modern passenger jetty on Praslin. Domestic ports administrator, Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA), revealed the news recently after it launched the tender for consultancy services for the construction of the new passenger jetty, located on reclaimed land next to Eve Island on Praslin. 

It met with prospective construction companies interested in developing the project at Baie Ste Anne on site on Wednesday, when it briefed contractors on the development. The project’s manager Franky Laporte told contractors and other guests present at the briefing, that the entire development will amount to a sum in the region of SCR45 million, fully funded by the SPA.

The chosen contractor will be given 18 months to hand it over to the ports authority, he affirmed. He additionally explained that the project will include a 50 metre long jetty to receive four boats at any one time, the size of current ferries presently serving routes between Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. 

It would also incorporate a very spacious main building, housing additional services such as an eating place and extra seating space so that passengers would be more comfortable using the new facility, as opposed to the present one.

The project will also include a large parking area opposite the Baie Ste Anne district administration building, just off the jetty. 

SPA did not explain what will come of the jetty currently being used for ferry travel, but it noted that cargo boats have, for the past year, been docking at an extra pier on Eve Island, adjacent to the site of the new jetty. 


Source: 4-28-16